Aussie Skate logo thumbnailWhat is Aussie Skate?

The Aussie Skate program has been specifically designed to suit the needs of all people (and especially children) wanting to learn to skate.

It allows you to learn the basic moves of skating which all skaters need to know by way of a series of graded tests. The Aussie Skate Program is usually undertaken by skaters who are participating in group lessons or private coaching.

Aussie Skate Tests

Tests are usually conducted on the first Thursday of the month (except for January) from 5:45pm to 6:45pm at the Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre. Check the website for any last minute changes (note that December is normally the second week due to Australian Figure Skating Championships in the first week of December).

Skaters must have their coaches permission to undertake a test. Aussie Skate tests are conducted on a first come first served basis. A list is kept in the Coaches Room at the Rink. New member application forms and testing fees (where relevant) will be collected from 5:30pm on testing days. Skaters who pass a test will receive a badge.


There a variety of tests ranging from Tiny Tots (6yr & under), through introductory tests providing a basic core for all skaters, and then advanced tests. Each test is made up of multiple elements. These tests provide a prerequisite for skaters wishing to participate in the Aussie Skate Competitions and later in the ISA testing program. Skaters need to start at the beginning of the program and progress in a set order through the tests.

Coaches will let skaters and parents know when they are ready to go on to the next badge. Tests are designed to give skaters the opportunity to get used to performing and being judged. Skaters that pass a test are presented with a badge to recognise their achievement.

To give as many individual skaters a chance to do tests we can only guarantee two tests per skater during each testing session. Skaters requesting more than two tests will be given a chance to do more tests only if there is time remaining once other skaters have had the chance to do their 1-2 tests.

Qualified Aussie Skate Judges conduct the tests. To assist the judges please stand well back from the test area.

For more information and test dates please check the ACTISA noticeboard at the skate hire end of the rink and the Calendar page on the website.


Aussie Skate Competitions are conducted several times a year at the Phillip Ice Rink. Competitions are announced on the website, in the newsletter and on the noticeboard. Skaters can obtain an entry form from their coach or from the website. Skaters usually take the opportunity to dress up for competitions. ACTISA may have pre-loved costumes and accessories for sale. For more information contact the Aussie Skate Desk at testing night.

Who to contact about Aussie Skate

For more information about Aussie Skate please come along to a test session. Members of the Committee are always on hand to answer questions and to provide some background for the parents and new members.

If you need more information contact:

Julie Stalker
Aussie Skate Convener
Send email to Aussie Skate Convenor

What comes after Aussie Skate?

After you have completed the Aussie Skate Program you may wish to undertake a higher test program conducted by ACTISA on behalf of Ice Skating Australia. The first ISA level is Preliminary. You should speak to your coach if you are interested in working towards ISA levels. Refer to the ISA Tests page for more information.