Results from ISA Test Day – 10 December 2022

Test passed                                                   Skater

Preliminary Patterns                                     Jong Jin LEE
Preliminary Patterns                                     Nicole JENNINGS
Preliminary Patterns                                     Lisa SHIELS
Preliminary Patterns                                     Bianca CATTO
Preliminary Patterns                                     Hanako KNOLLMAYER
Preliminary Elements                                   Ryan JENNINGS
Preliminary Elements                                   Emilie KULISIEWICZ
Preliminary Elements                                   Hanako KNOLLMAYER
Elementary Elements                                   Irene MILLETT
Elementary Patterns                                     Irene MILLETT
Elementary Patterns                                     Liam McINERNEY
Preliminary Dance – Dutch Waltz               Seonmi SHIN
Preliminary Dance – Canasta Tango           Seonmi SHIN

2022 ACTISA Gala – Flyer and Announcement

Please find attached the Flyer and Announcement for the ACTISA Exhibition/Christmas Gala for your consideration.

The Gala will be held on Saturday 19th November 2022, 4:00pm – 7:00pm.

Please note the closing date is Tuesday 15th November 2022.

Please complete your online entry via this link 2022 ACTISA Gala

Kind regards


Rebecca Wells
ACT Ice Skating Association Inc.


2022 ACTISA Gala Announcement