Why not try Ice Skating?

Everyone loves the sensation of gliding on the ice. Ice Skating is an excellent form of exercise and a lot of fun. Why not come along to the Phillip Ice Rink and participate in group lessons, private lessons or the Aussie Skate Program.

After you have completed the Aussie Skate Program you may even wish to undertake a higher test program conducted by ACTISA on behalf of Ice Skating Australia.

Where is the rink?

The Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre is located on Irving Street (off Launceston Street) in Phillip, and is only a short walk from the Woden Bus Exchange.

Does ACTISA conduct lessons?

The ACT Ice Skating Association does not own or manage the rink or employ the coaches. We purchase ice when running events like test sessions and competitions but do not provide lessons for new skaters. All the coaches teach the Aussie Skate Program which is the best place to start. You are best advised to ask at the rink about lessons for beginners.

When are group lessons conducted?

Group lessons for beginners are usually conducted on Saturday morning during the public skating session. Private lessons are conducted by coaches for individuals or small groups.

Do I need my own skates?

No. You can hire ice skates at the Phillip Ice Rink. If later you decide to buy your own ice skates, the coaches can often help you find pre-loved skates, or advise about the purchase of new skates. Visit the Classifieds page to view pre-loved skates and accessories for sale.

How do I find a Coach?

It is best to come along to the rink and ask at the front counter for information on how to find a coach or come inside and watch the coaches at work.

What do I wear?

Most skaters start by wearing warm, comfortable, flexible clothing. Gloves are a good idea

What is the Aussie Skate Program?

The Aussie Skate Program has been specifically designed to suit the needs of all people wanting to learn to skate. It allows you to learn the basic moves of skating which all skaters need to know by way of a series of graded tests. Anyone can join; however, the Aussie Skate Program is usually undertaken by skaters who are participating in group lessons or private coaching. For more information visit the Aussie Skate Page.

Does ACTISA run competitions?

Yes. ACTISA holds competitions several times a year. Visit the Competitions page for more information. Watching competitions is an excellent opportunity to see some of the best ACT ice skaters in action.

Do I need to Join ACTISA?

There is no need to join until you or your junior skater wishes to do their first test. We look forward to welcoming new members at that time. See the Membership Page for more information.