ACTISA is an organisation run by members for members – All members of the committee are volunteers and many of our most worthy long-term volunteers have never been on the Committee – in fact ACTISA has no employees – only by becoming a member can you have a say in running the affairs of the Association.

From 2016, ACTISA lowered the cost of becoming an Associate Member and we encourage parents of skaters to join the Association – note that only members 18 years and older have voting rights in the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Current Members

ACTISA Members 2020 This includes banking and payments received by 13 July
– this document will be updated regularly as 2020 membership fess are receipted (you may need to refresh this page – currently 4 pages long)

NOTE: All memberships have been extended to 31 December 2021 due to the disruption to skating caused by COVID-19

Membership Options

Existing members – You should have received a unique renewal notice for 2020. This was sent to the email address that we have for you – please update ACTISA if you change your contact details

ACTISA Membership Form 2020

Existing Members: Please note that this form is ONLY for new members. PLEASE DO NOT pre-pay amounts for membership based on this form – there are discounts and rebates that apply to some renewing members. To avoid any complication, please wait till you receive your unique renewal notice (in early 2020) before making any payment.

Aussie Skate Brochure

Note that there is a separate form for Aussie Skate membership, but ACTISA will accept membership applications on the above form…