The National Federation Challenge was established in 2001 to celebrate the Centenary of Federation and to provide a national competition for skaters not at Championship level.

It now incorporates the National Aussie Skate Competition, Canberra Solo Dance Competition and the Gwen Peterson Theatre on Ice Trophy.

The inaugural Gwen Peterson Theatre on Ice Trophy competition was held in 2011. It recognises Gwen’s involvement in figure skating in Canberra, specifically as coach to the 1993 Australian Junior Champion Synchronised (Precision) Team, Knightmoves.


National Federation Challenge Results

NFC Results 2017

NFC Results 2016

NFC Results 2015

NFC Results 2014

NFC Results 2013

NFC Results 2012

NFC Results 2011     Dance Sections 2011 – 2011 Dance Sections

NFC Results 2010

Gwen Peterson Theatre on Ice Results

2017 Gwen Peterson Theatre on Ice Trophy

GPTOI Results 2016

GPTOI Results 2015

GPTOI Results 2014

GPTOI Results 2013

GPTOI Results 2012

GPTOI Results 2011

National Aussie Skate Results

2017 National Aussie Skate

NAS Results 2016

NAS Results 2015

NAS Results 2014

NAS Results 2013

NAS Results 2012

NAS Results 2011

NAS Results 2010



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