ACTISA is committed to providing the best opportunities possible to its members. This encompasses educational seminars, on and off ice training sessions, inter-state competitions and the organisation of local competitions.

However, whilst ACTISA’s committee members endeavour to provide as many of these opportunities as possible, there is an expectation that all adult members will contribute to the association through their personal involvement at local competitions.

Commencing with our Christmas Festival, and continuing with each locally run competition, ACTISA will initiate a roster system whereby families (of skaters competing at that particular event) will be contacted to assist with the proceedings. This may take the form of assisting with catering, selling programs and fund-raising activities etc. None of these are very onerous tasks and spread out amongst families, will help our association run smoothly and be much more inclusive. Those not available to assist when contacted will be asked to assist at the next competition.

We would like each family to be involved with at least two competitions per calendar year. As we are all committed to providing the best opportunities for our skaters, ACTISA is confident you will be supportive of this initiative.

Should further clarification be sought, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Committee.


Angelique Clyde-Smith
October 2008