Dear Skaters, judges, parents,

Below please find the links to the ISA Travel Insurance Policy. This policy has been taken out by ISA at the request of members. The cost for you is just $90 per trip which is lower than comparable travel insurance. This policy is designed for your sports travel.

It should be noted that the Medical section of the policy is $5 million and this includes whilst competing or training. This is very important as many policies exclude or limit this amount. The policy can also be used for parents, judges etc… travelling for part or all the trip, and includes holiday travel before/after the trip.

We urge you to have a look at the policy and take out the insurance simply by completing the applications below.

Simply deposit the fee to the ISA account and fax/email before you travel and that’s it, you are covered.

ISA Travel Insurance Application Form

ISA TRAVEL Certificate of Insurance

Please feel free to provide any feedback.
Best regards,

Peter Lynch
Honorary Treasurer
Ice Skating Australia Inc.
P.O. Box 257, Canterbury. 2193 NSW.
Ph: 0412 646704